What to do when you want to write …


On our way to a family gathering last weekend, I was minded to record our journey – as I often do when travelling – as one of my word-whispers. But I had left my usual notebook at home. All I could fish out of my bag was a somewhat long supermarket checkout receipt. Words flowed, and on my return home, I typed it into my iPad awaiting time to transfer it along with images I took on the journey ‘through the windscreen’. OK, so you can’t read what I wrote, but I have problems with using WordPress so will wait to create a full post when I have sorted the glitches.

And for those who wonder what I am doing using a camera whilst on the road: my husband was driving!

2 thoughts on “What to do when you want to write …

  1. Ann, I have little squares of paper with notes, lists in various journals….everywhere! When a thought or idea happens, there better be a piece of paper nearby, or I’ll forget it 🙂 glad I’m not the only one! Laura

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