Floating or Sinking ??


I’m not sure whether I am on my head or my heels, floating or sinking, climbing or falling. I know I am weary from struggling with the technicalities of WordPress and how difficult it seems to be to set up sidebar information, compared with the platform (Blogger) to which I am used. Images look more vibrant I think, and maybe that is what I will use it for most … they are very quick to post and the program seems to accept them at larger size.


So maybe I’ll experiment a little longer this evening as the purpose of all this frenetic self-tuition is that I have to migrate one of my regular blogs to this platform during the coming weeks. These two images show the Rive Mole in (controlled) flood last year near Hampton Court (Middlesex, UK). As ever, I love the shape of branches and tobacco-coloured plants against the khaki water. These are destined to appear along with others in another small textile and paper booklet.


When out and about, it is often shapes and colours that catch my attention, translating themselves in my mind into paper-fabric creations. These and other images will appear in one such, though right now, I have other stitched panels to bring from brain to page: poppies and wine flowers. That’s to follow; at least I have managed a three-image post, and my usual slithering of words!



I’ve just looked at this – back to the text-book; can’t make it do what I want!

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