Moving on from my ‘Open Studio’ event


Some of my work spanning at least 15 years

You don’t expect to re-invent your life – and your working future – approaching your 79th year. Your body, and even memory, are not what they were. Though I am still the same ‘me’ that I have always been. There are flashes of exhilarating energy … of a life well-lived in a 56-year working partnership with the person I loved and married. The past occasionally illuminates itself … but the future – breaking through the carapace of what is no longer there – is unknown.

There have been six re-incarnations:

1-ASM with PopPop copy

With my grandfather in the early 1940s, during World War Two

1. Childhood and College (that magical time of young brain, and an introduction to history, the natural world, literature, music and theatre).

2-1958 wedding day copy

Just married: February 8th, 1958 at St.John’s Wood Church, London

2. Teaching … marriage … our own educational publishing company … work-work-work.

3-boys on roof

A very poor shot, showing our two young boys working on the roof of our Cotswold home, early 1970s. Our little daughter is not in this picture, though she did climb ladders to be with them but was apt to let go!

3. Three beloved children (who all at one time worked in our publishing business), and more than that helped to rebuild our late-16th century home whilst converting an acre of wild ground. A true family partnership, which still exists today.

5-FB-CF-page-1 copy

This says it all ….

4. All changed in 2014: cancer (for me) and simultaneously the death of my quiet, gentle, brilliant and long-suffering RQB.

4-flower patch-3 06-09-2014

RQB’s former immaculate veg-plot takes on a new life – I have incorporated a flower-cutting patch as well as small metre square spaces edged with old brick for vegetables.

5. Quiescence: an 18-month existence when my brain and body felt as if they were calcifying, and I was becoming wrapped in a thin skin of cold forgetfulness. So frightening.

6-L-DSC03982 copy 2

Experimenting with new techniques, or revisiting projects that have sat around waiting to be finished. This one is laid out, word-whispers written. Just need to pull it all together now.

6. A change in medication and I begin to pull myself together; to slough the skin and reinvent myself. Creativity, writing, photography and my garden have always been the backbone of my existence – the idea of “Ann’s Art Retreats” and one-to-one tutorials begin to percolate through. I planned that the Open Studio event would be the catalyst.  It has indeed and in quiet moments a portfolio of suggested tutorials has emerged.


Registered for Open Studio event

Registered for Open Studio event

Another ‘first’ for quite a while: I have just registered to participate again in June as part of Warwickshire Open Studios (WOS). I will be demonstrating various aspects of my work on twelve days between 18th June and 3rd July. I am also provided with an annual WOS web page, and know that this facility will help to spread the word about ANN’S ART RETREATS. An exciting time for the next few months as I prepare work for sale, organise my studio for an open event and cultivate the overgrown garden where visitors can wander (it is meant to be ‘wild’). I will post a link to the WOS site as soon as all the details are finalised.

Launch of “Ann’s Art Retreats”

Launch of “Ann’s Art Retreats”

I find it hard to believe that nigh on two years have passed since I last posted. Personal circumstances have prevented anything other than simply existing from day to day. But now I am ready to launch a new venture which I hope readers will find as exciting as did my ‘trial tutee’.

“ANN’S ART RETREATS” are a series of one-to-one tutored workshops on a wide range of creative themes, conducted in my own studio. During good weather, my wild acre of veg-plot, flower garden and orchard offers another source of inspiration, and somewhere to work.

My ‘trial tutee’ is a close friend who offered to be my guinea-pig.: I had asked her what she would like to tackle, and then prepared her a structured lesson on her chosen theme; loaning her the folder I had prepared for her, so she could experiment at home with any number of variations. She kindly wrote an appraisal, and has asked to return here for more input. “I have had a relaxed and informative afternoon with Ann. One to one tuition is a rewarding way of learning new skills or developing – in my case – creative methods of transferring images, and words. It was inspirational as Ann has very good resources in her new workroom, to enable anyone to produce an excellent mixed media project.”

I’m also ashamed to say that I have forgotten how to use the WordPress platform (!!) and need to re-teach myself its intricacies, whilst working on the many topics I will be offering at Ann’s Art Retreats.